This year the 2019 IHG World Men’s Handball Championship will be held from January 10 thru January 27. In addition, this is the first time that the IHF Championship will have two host countries for the event.  Furthermore, North and South Korea will have a Joint Korean Handball Team sent to World Championship.

Recently, sports have been part of the peacekeeping process between North and South Korea.  The last joint effort did well when both Koreas sent a joint team ice hockey team at the Winter Olympics. Thus, are keeping the momentum going by sending another joint handball team to compete at the World Championship.

Both Korean Handball teams are very happy about the joint team.  This is because the competition is very meaningful to both teams and because of its location.  Berlin was once a divided city that found its way towards a peaceful unification after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Thus, they want to do their part in having both countries settle a peaceful understanding.

How will the Korean Handball Team do at the World Championship?

Joint Korean Handball TeamAccording to internet gaming news, four North Korean players are part of the 16-man South Korean team.  In addition, they have been training together for the past two weeks. Despite the short joint integration period, Korea is confident that they will perform well.

Korean team captain, Jun Su-you says that they are making excellent progress in unifying the team.  Furthermore, he said “We felt a bit distant from each other when we first met the North Koreans”.  However, they now have “grown closer in the days we’ve spent together, and now we’ve become friends”.

Gambling experts believe that finding success on the court will be a challenge for the team.  This is because the South Korean handball team has not been able to qualify for the last two tournaments. Furthermore, since this is a new team, they will go into the World championship without any ranking.

The Korean team is in Group A and will be facing some tough opponents like Germany, Russia, France and Serbia.