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College Football is a popular league to bet on the U.S. because there are many games to bet on. In addition, the holiday season is an exciting time for college football fans because of the college football bowls. College Football Bowls are postseason games where only the best teams play against each other. Thus, to help you enjoy the College Bowl season, here is our tutorial on How to Bet on College Football.

Even though betting on NCAA football is the same game as the NFL, the game is somewhat different. This is because College football is much more volatile than professional football. Of course, this has to do with being a pro versus an amateur. Therefore, there is no real consistency which does make it more difficult for sportsbooks to create odds. However, it is often an opportunity for sports bettors to find better sports betting odds.

How to Bet on College Football – Basic College Football Betting Tutorial

How to Bet on College Football – Basic College Football Betting TutorialTo make things easier, we will start this sports betting tutorials by explaining the basic college football bets.

Bet on the College Football Money Line – Betting on the money line is the easiest bet available because you bet on who will win the game. However, it does not mean it is the easiest wager to win.  In addition, it is not always the most profitable wager available.  This is because you have to risk more to win less when betting on the favorite team.

Here is an example of a NCAA football money line:

Alabama -220

LSU +180

This means that if you bet on the favorite team, Alabama, then you have to bet $220 to win $100. However, if you bet on the LSO, the underdog, then you only have to bet $100 to win $180.

College Football Betting on the Point Spread – This type of college football betting is a simple bet.  The main difference is that the sportsbooks have given the favorite team a handicap.   Thus, the team you bet on has to win by a certain number of points to win your bet.

Here is an example:

Ohio -7 -110

Florida State +7 -110

This means if you bet on Ohio, they have to win by more then 7 points to win your bet. However, the cost is usually 10%. Therefore, you wager $100 to win $90 since the odds are more even.

Bet on the NCAA Football over/under – This is another simple bet where you bet on the combined score of each team.

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