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Unlike the previous Winter Olympics, the Beijing Olympics have had its share of trouble. For example, the Olympic opening ceremony drew record low ratings for an all-time low. This is because of the COVID pandemic but also because of political reasons. However, it does not mean that the action is any less than previous Olympics. Let’s take a look at what is going on with our 2022 Winter Olympic Betting Update from our on-site reporters.

For Korean sports betting fans, they were many disappointments but some hope as well. For Olympic athletes that are under quarantine due to testing positive for COVID-19, it has been a nightmare for them. This is because several complaints have ben made about bad food, poor to no internet connection, training equipment and such. The IOC said they would look into the complaints and act accordingly.

2022 Winter Olympic Betting Update – Medal Counts and more

2022 Winter Olympic Betting Update – Medal Counts and moreSo far, Sweden leads the pack in terms of gold medals with three. In terms of total medal counts, Russia is in the lead with 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. Unfortunately, South Korea has not won any medal yet but it is not from lack of trying. While the first few days have been difficult for Korean Olympic athlete, it is far from over.

According to Korean sports news, short skater Kwak Yoon-gy was not happy with the officiating in favor of China. During the short track speed skating race, the South Korean team was out early in the race. However, his main complaint is how China got a gold despite China not getting a penalty for the false start.  while the ROC and the U.S. did.

Despite it all, South Korea still has hopes for a few gold medals. For example, they do have figure skater Cha Jun-hwan who is one of the biggest names at the 2022 Olympics. He is hoping to become the first man since Gillis Grafstrom to win three straight Olympic Gold medals.

Another South Korean hopeful for a Winter Olympic gold snowboarder, Lee Sang-ho. Lee is the first Korean athlete to win an Olympic medal in the parallel giant slalom. He did that by winning a silver medal at the PyeongChang Olympics 4 years ago. According to betting odds, he is entering the Beijing Olympics as a strong gold medal contender.

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