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Volleyball News Coverage and More

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Korea. We at aim to provide our readers with the hottest volleyball news. We also like to keep those who are into volleyball betting the latest game schedules and scores.  Get the latest scores, schedules and rankings of your favorite volleyball team.

Visit this page for the latest news on the men’s and women’s V-League. Find out what’s new with the Korean National Team and the various international competitions they participate in. Get all your volleyball news from

Read the Latest Volleyball News

Twin South Korean Volleyball Stars Receiving Suspension over Bullying

In the past few years, South Korean athletes and coaches have been receiving a lot of negative press coverage. This is because of many incidents over bullying, scandals and abuse that have been taken place in Korea. Once again, Korean Sports News is headlining another...

Guide to Volleyball Betting Tactics

Now that you know the basics of volleyball betting, the next step is to learn wagering strategies. We provide a beginners’ guide to volleyball betting tactics. Our guide can help bring your wagering experience to the next level. When it comes to wagering on volleyball...

How to Bet on Volleyball – A Beginners Guide to Volleyball Betting

Volleyball may not be the most popular sports in the world, but it does have a very large number of fans. In fact, it ranks 6 in terms of popularity with over 900 million fans from Asia, Europe, Americas and Australia. Therefore, volleyball betting is also popular...

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