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Women National Volleyball Team News

The Korean Women National Volleyball Team is composed of the country’s best female volleyball players. Even back in the 1970’s, this team has been one of the top teams in the world, and their reputation has survived the years. They have consistently qualified for the Olympic Games, the World Championship, the World Cup, and the World Grand Prix, among others.

Over the years and through the changes in players, the team has still been very consistent in being a strong and formidable team in volleyball. This is why those who bet on volleyball are always looking forward to the Korean National Team joining international tournaments.

Get the latest news and updates on the Women National Volleyball Team. Get betting tips, match schedules, player updates, and more.

The latest News about the Korean Women National Volleyball Team

Kim Yeon-koung Retiring from National Volleyball Team

Volleyball is one of the most popular sport in South Korea with thousands of fans that avidly follow the sport. While it does not compare to football betting, volleyball betting in South Korea is still popular amongst gamblers and fans. Like any other sports, it has...

Women National Volleyball Team Coach Still in Dreamland after Win Over Turkey

Several minutes after his team upset Turkey in the tournament's quarterfinals, the Women National Volleyball Team coach still didn't know what happened. His reactions were muted compared to when South Korea won against Japan last weekend. Stefano Lavarini said he...

Twin South Korean Volleyball Stars Receiving Suspension over Bullying

In the past few years, South Korean athletes and coaches have been receiving a lot of negative press coverage. This is because of many incidents over bullying, scandals and abuse that have been taken place in Korea. Once again, Korean Sports News is headlining another...

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Where to Bet on the Korean Women National Volleyball Team

Betting on the Korean Women National Volleyball Team is widely available in South Korea.  They are two domestic options available with Sports Toto and Sports Proto.

However, if you want more options to bet on the Korean Women National Volleyball Team we recommend using VOBET.

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