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Gimcheon Korea Express Hi-Pass secured third spot in V League after defeating Gwangju Al Peppers. Although they still have a match against GS Caltex Seoul KIXX, its result will not change Hi-Pass’ position in the V League standings.

With one game remaining, Hi-Pass is four points ahead of Daejeon KGC. However, Friday’s game will determine if the team will qualify for the playoffs or the semi-playoffs. According to Sports Toto resources, there will be a semi-playoffs if the gap between third- and fourth-placed teams is three points or below.

Gimcheon Korea Express Hi-Pass betting fans hope that Hi-Pass wins on Friday. That way, they can avoid the semi-playoffs against Daejeon KGC. Also, the semi-playoff winner will face the second-placed team for the right to face the Pink Spiders in the V League Championship match.

Hi-Pass Secured Third Spot

Hi-Pass Secured Third Spot in V League, Qualified for PostseasonIf the current point differential between Hi-Pass and KGC holds, Hi-Pass will automatically qualify for the postseason. According to sports news reports, the Incheon Heungkuk Life Pink Spiders were six points ahead of the rest of the league.

The Pink Spiders won the V League title after winning against Hwaseong IBK Auto. They needed only one point to win the title heading into the game.

Suwon Hyundai Engineering & Construction Hillstate is now in second place. However, it is 13 points behind Hi-Pass as of Wednesday. If the Pink Spiders win the league championship, Hillstate will enter the playoffs as the automatic qualifier. Also, it will face either the third-place team or the semi-finals winner.

Women’s volleyball in the V League has never had a semi-final round. Also, the battle between Hi-Pass, KGC, and KIXX has been as intense as the fight for the league championship between Pink Spiders and Hillstate. Only five points separated the top three clubs until the last week of January.

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