Virtual sports betting fans who bet on volleyball had a great day last January 19.  This is because of the headline that said, GS Caltex Wins over Pink Spiders in an easy victory. Thus, GS Caltex beat Hungkuk Life Pink Spiders 3-0 in a 1 hour 38 minute match in Seoul Jangchung Gym.

However, despite the obvious win of GS Caltex versus Hungkuk Life, their statistics are not that far from each other. For instance, GS Caltex scored 58 while Hungkuk Life scored 54.  On the other hand, GS Caltex had 50 attacks and Hungkuk Life had 46 for a total of 76 dig successes.

Those who bet on volleyball and were watching this game unfold had a tense first set.  This is because Kim Hve-iin failed to block giving GS Caltex their first score. However, GS Caltex managed to maintain a short lead with both teams firing back set after set.

Thus, Hungkuk Life caught up and managed a 5 point lead in the middle of the set. GS Caltex was in a mood and did not allow Hungkuk Life to retake the lead.  In addition, GS Caltex came back to tie at 20-20. However, GS Caltex  broke the tied scored and eventually won the first set at 26-24.

A Big Win for Virtual Sports Betting Fans

Virtual sports betting fans who placed their bet on GS Caltex had an easier time in the second set. This is because GS Caltex led throughout the set but only by a few points. Unfortunately for Hungkuk Life fans who bet on volleyball,their efforts were not enough to overtake GS Caltex.  Thus, they once again lost another set with a final score of 25-21. The third set brought about a change in Hungkuk Life players’ performances.  This is because they needed to win this set to get a chance at a fourth and eventually a fifth set to beat the GS Caltex ladies.

Despite scoring first in the third set, GS Caltex gave Hungkuk Life a hard time and both teams continuously scored and tied one after the other until the middle of the set where Hungkuk Life got in a short lead. But the GS Caltex players wanted this set to be theirs as well, as they bounced back and tied at 21-21. Again, both teams gave volleyball betting fans an exciting third set with continuous ties. Finally, with Hungkuk Life failing their last two sets and with Gang Oh-wi’s successful spike, GS Caltex closed the third set 30-28.

Both teams have 13 wins and 8 losses in the current season, and while Hungkuk  Life maintains 3rd place, GS Caltex is at 5th place. It is now for those who bet on volleyball to see if the underdogs in this match can maintain their performance when they go against Korea Expressway Corporation.