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Several minutes after his team upset Turkey in the tournament’s quarterfinals, the Women National Volleyball Team coach still didn’t know what happened. His reactions were muted compared to when South Korea won against Japan last weekend.

Stefano Lavarini said he didn’t realize the team was going to the semifinals. He explained that his reaction wasn’t because he wasn’t happy with the win. Also, Women National Volley Team betting fans are wondering if the coach was still in match preparation mode. Thus, he didn’t celebrate because he can’t turn it off instantly.

According to volleyball and baseball betting sites, Lavarini’s pre-match scouting is on a different level. When asked about his reaction to South Korea reaching the semifinals, he answered that being there was already a dream come true.

Women National Volleyball Team Coach Leads Squad to Semifinals

Women National Volleyball Team Coach Still in Dreamland after Win Over TurkeyCoach Lavarini made intelligent decisions in the fifth set. First, he substituted Park Eun-jin into the game for serves. Although she didn’t get any aces, her serves kept the Turkish defense off balance. Also, they led to attacking opportunities for the South Korean side.

According to online sports betting sources, Park saw little action before the fifth set. She was visibly nervous going into the final set. However, her coach and teammates told her to hit her serves with confidence. Also, she said that it was a fun experience for her. After making it to the semifinals, she wants to go home with a medal.

Park Jeong-ah finished second for the South Korean team with 17 points. She got most of the tricky serves from the Turkish servers. In the 2016 Olympics, many people criticized her receives. Thus, Turkey targeted her with its serves. However, Park was ready for it this year. She confidently received the serves and got back at Turkey with her spikes.

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