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The 2021 KBO season is now in its third week and so far, Korean baseball fans have no complaint. This is because it has been a very exciting start of the baseball season with a lot of exciting matches. However, Baseball Betting fans are now getting more serious about their wagers. Thus, it is time for 5 Easy Profitable Baseball Betting Tips for 2021 to enjoy the season even more.

The baseball season is a great opportunity for people who like to bet on sports to make money.  At least, it is as long as they avoid the common mistakes that baseball betting amateurs make. Thus, this gambling tutorial, will go over the best tips and strategies to help you profit from the baseball season.

5 Profitable KBO Baseball Betting Tips for 2021

5 Profitable KBO Baseball Betting Tips for 2021Avoid big favorites – When it comes to betting on Korean Baseball Teams, sportsbooks know that amateur gamblers like to bet on favorites. As a result, they often use that information to capitalize and change their betting odds in their favor.

For example, popular teams like the NC Dinos and the Doosan Bears will be more expensive. This is because amateur baseball bettors will bet on them no matter what.

Bet against public opinion – The average gambler will bet on their instincts. Therefore, they almost always bet on favorite teams, home teams and popular teams or teams with star players. Thus, if a team does well, they will bet on it and if they do not do well, they will not bet on it. This is of course, a fallacy since the gambler is basically leaving it to chance and not facts and statistics.

Know the Weather – In this case, we are not talking about rain but the wind. This is because when the wind is blowing at 8km per hour, it can turn home runs into foul balls. In addition, when the wind is blowing that strongly betting on the under has a 55.1% chance of winning.

Know the baseball umpiresBaseball umpires are humans and have certain tendencies. Some umpires tend to favor home teams while other follow the crowd. In addition, some umpires tend to have a bigger strike zones wile other have a smaller one. Thus, know the umpire and see how it will affect the score of the game.

Money Management – We recommend a flat-betting approach which is to always bet the same amount. Furthermore, we recommend wagering between 1% to 5% of your total bankroll per bet.

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