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This is a common trend among male athletes. Wondering when and how they will serve their country with the mandatory military service. Of course, exemptions are given to athletes who meet a certain criteria. However, if you are part of a sport that hardly has opportunities to compete for Olympic medals, then military service will happen definitely.

There are other sports that are somewhat used to this, like football, for instance. Military service is a well-respected and an honor for athletes. In fact, members of sports leagues do check. They are there to also make sure that all of their eligible players are doing their time to serve.

Military Service in the KBO

However, the KBO will have to adjust to this. The organizing committee for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games did not include baseball. This is in any of the 37 sports available for the Asiad. For baseball players, this means any chance they see for an exemption is gone. For those who are into baseball betting, this means they need to pay attention for any chances in the lineup of the teams.

There are other international baseball tournaments that Korea can participate in. But winning championships in any of those will not qualify the players for any exemption. Of course, the military also has professional teams in various sports. It could be possible that your favorite baseball players may pop up in national baseball team news in the future, if any changes happen. If not, then military service it is.

Looking at the history of the military teams, they are not as competitive as other professional clubs. However, as athletes, players can continue being active in the sports. And, of course, be able to have the chance to use their military service through playing baseball. But with such few spots available, it will be more likely that athletes will be serving the traditional way. And for the sports betting industry, this means saying goodbye to a few players we love seeing in the field for a while.

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