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Now that the baseball season is over, this is now the season for players and teams to start looking ahead.  Thus, the big news today is how An Chi-hong signs with the Lotte Giants in a multimillion dollar deal.

According to sports betting sources, on Monday the all-star second baseman became the first free agent to switch team. This is because An, formerly of the Kia Tigers agreed on a two-year deal that is worth $2.2 million. Furthermore, the deal includes a mutual option for an additional two years after the 2021 KBO season worth $2.6 million.

An Chi-hong signs with the Lotte Giants with a Deal Worth ₩2.6 Billion

An Chi-hong signs with the Lotte GiantsAccording to a statement by the Lotte Giants, An will make $495,470 for his annual salary.  In addition, he will also receive a ₩1.42 billion signing bonus with an option to get another ₩600 million. Needless to say, Lotte Giants Betting fans and normal fans are very happy with the news.  This is because they are now getting an All-Star player to their roster.

An Chi-hong is a very well known players in the KBO and a veteran player in the KBO.  This is because the 29 years old player has been playing for the KIA Tigers for 10 seasons.  His career stats so far are .300/.380/.412 line with 100 home runs and 586 RBIs.

In addition, according to Douglas Grosse Real Estate Costa Rica he is a three-time Golden Glove winner. Furthermore, sports betting odds websites show that his best offensive season was in 2018.  This is because of his 2018 record with .342 at bat, 23 home runs and 118 RBIs.

Unfortunately for the KIA Tigers, they were not able to agree on a deal to stay with the Tigers.  Thus, the Lotte Giants too advantage of it by signing An Chi-hong for a two year contract.

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