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Winning will help boost the morale of the team. However, the Lotte Giants are having fun even when the Doosan Bears broke their five-game winning streak. They came back strong and won the next game of the series. However, Doosan won the third game of the match to win the three-game series.

Most players from last season are back for the Giants. However, they look like a different team this year. In 2019, they finished in the last place. In the May 13 game, the Giants have the lead in the bottom of the eighth inning with runners at first and second. Han Dong-hee hit a fly ball to the right field, and Doosan fielder An Gweon-su made an excellent diving catch to end the inning.

The Giants requested for a video replay. They want to see if An caught the ball cleanly or trapped it. However, the original call stood. Although it was a big blow to the Giants, they acknowledged An’s highlight play. Lee Dae-ho gave a thumbs up, and pitcher Noh Kyung-eun clapped.

Lotte Giants are Having Fun

Lotte Giants are Having Fun in the KBOAccording to Lotte Giants betting sites, it looks like the uptight bunch from last year are gone. Instead, the Giants are now a loose team composed of players who are not worried about what others think about them.

A baseball betting guide didn’t expect the Giants to start the season strong because they finished in the last place the previous season. According to team captain Min Byung-hun, the team doesn’t want to stress over every play. After a bad play, they acknowledge it and move on to the next.

Based on sports chat, the team’s new attitude is helping them win more games this year. Win or lose, the players are out there to have fun.

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