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In the world of Korean Baseball Betting, Park Han-yi is famous as a former KBO All-Star Player.  However, he is also more infamous for getting caught driving under the influence back in 2019. This led to his abrupt retirement from baseball.  Now, he is back in action as Park Han-yi will join the Samsung Lions Coaching Team.

According to Sportsbook Pay Per Head providers, Park Han-yi will be rejoining his former team next season. Furthermore, a KBO official said that he will soon be meeting with the Samsung Lions players. However, he will be meeting them not as a player, but as the latest addition to their coaching staff.

Park Han-yi will join the Samsung Lions Coaching Team and wants to Atone

Park Han-yi will join the Samsung Lions Coaching Team and wants to AtoneAccording to baseball forums, some Samsung Lions fans like the news of his return to the team. However, other fans do not think it is good news. Either way, those who like to bet on the Samsung Lions are now stuck with him.

Now, people are wondering if Park Han-yi will be able to make amends to the team as a coach.  After the driving under the influence incident, Park got in a fender bender on his way home.  During the incident, he was given a blood alcohol test by the police and his blood level was 0.065 percent. Thus, it was high enough to suspend his license.

In most cases, he would have just taken a suspension and gone back to playing.  The punishment was to have a 90-game suspension and 180 hours of community service. However, he chose to retire instead. During that time, he said that he chose to retire because “DUI cases can never be condoned under any circumstances”.

So far, Park had done 180 hours of community service which he did working with players in Laos. In addition, he has paid a fine of $4,495 and only needs to sit out one more game. Even though he will no return as a player, Park is grateful for the opportunity to atone for his mistakes.

Several, sports betting websites believe that he will do a great job coaching the Samsung Lions. This is because he is an excellent baseball player with a lot of experience winning with the Lions.

According to the announcement, Park says he feels excitement and nervousness at the same time.  However, he feels way more sorry than nervous.

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