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Football is without a doubt the most popular sport to watch in the world with over 3.5 billion fans. Furthermore, it has a billion more fans than the cricket, the second most popular sport in the world. Thus, it is also no a surprise that soccer betting is now the most popular sport to bet on globally. Interestingly enough, horse betting was once the most popular sport to bet on. However, after live in-play betting became popular, soccer betting took the number one spot. Thus, today we will teach you the basics on How to Bet on Soccer with a sportsbook.

Of course, betting on soccer is made up of many wagering options from proposition bets, to parlays, teasers and more. However, since this is a novice football betting tutorial, we will only go over the basics.

How to Bet on Soccer: How to Bet on the Money Line

To keep this tutorial simple, we will only teach you about betting on individual games and simple soccer wagering.

Betting on the 3-Way Money Line

Learn How to Bet on Soccer – Money Line BettingFirst off, it is good to know that in soccer, there are many types of competitions with different rules. Therefore, it is imperative to know the rules before you place a bet. However, in mist matches, a draw may be the final result of the game. Thus, there are 3 different outcomes to bet on during a matchup.  These are:

Team A wins

Team B Wins

Team A and Team B Draw

According to sports betting websites, the results of a soccer bet are from a 90 minutes game or “regular time”. Furthermore, it also includes extra time by the referee like injuries and other stoppage. Therefore, overtime, golden goals or penalty shoots do not count towards these wagers.

Here is an example, during the FIFA World Cup, to move to the next round, a team needs to win. Therefore, they will go into overtime and shoot outs. However, for someone betting on the 3-way money line, their wager will be from the normal 90 minutes game. Thus, Team A may win in overtime because of a tie but the actual payout will be on the draw.

Betting on the 2-Way Money Line

The second way to bet on the money line in soccer is to bet on the 2-way money line. The wagers available are Double Chance and Draw No Bet.  As in the 3-Way money line, the results are taken from the regular time of the game. According to sports betting odds, Double Chance means betting on a specific team to win/draw or either team to win. Therefore, the three possible results are:

  • Team A Wins or Draws
  • Team B Wins or Draws
  • Team A Wins or Team B Wins

A Draw No Bet is more or less the same except that there is no possibility of a draw. Therefore, a gambler can only bet on team A or team B to win. If the match ends in a draw in regulation time, then all bets are null and gamblers get a refund.

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