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What is Asian Handicap? You’re on the right page if you want to learn more about the sports betting term. After reading the tutorial, you’ll know more about Asian Handicapping when betting on K League games.

Many players prefer the Asian Handicap because it removes the possibility of a draw. In traditional wagers, the probability of each result is 33 percent. However, you only have two choices with an Asian Handicap. If it is a draw, you’ll get your money back.

As its name pertains to, it originated in Asia. However, it is popular among sharp players across the globe. People look for these betting odds because it provides better chances of winning. Therefore, we recommend this betting type to Korean sports betting fans who know the K League teams and can pick outright winners.

What is Asian Handicap

What is Asian Handicap in K League BettingAside from soccer, you can find Asian Handicapping in American football, hockey, and rugby. Underdogs will have a goal advantage to balance the line. On the other hand, the favorite will have a goal taken away from the final score. Thus, it leads to a win or a loss for the team in each game.

For instance, Ulsan Hyundai is playing Jeonbuk on the opening day of the K League 1 2023 season. Based on sports betting forum users, Ulsan Hyundai is the favorite. Thus, bookies give the team a -1 handicap. On the other hand, Jeonbuk has a +1 handicap.

If you wager on Jeonbuk, you’ll win if the final score is a draw or if the team outright wins the match. On the other hand, you’ll win if you bet on Ulsan Hyundai if the team wins by two points or more. The sportsbook returns your wager if Ulsan wins by only a single goal. If the Handicap is -2/+2, Ulsan needs to win by three goals or more.

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