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Games in the K-League 1is getting more and more tense. South Korea’s Gyeongnam and Suwon will face each other on the weekend. Both aiming to get second place. Gyeongnam FC currently has 32 points in the games. Meanwhile, Suwon Samsung is standing close  with 31 points.

Both teams will face each other in the 19th round of the KEB Hana Bank K League 1 2018 19th round. The event will be held at Changwon Football Center. If they win this game, Gyeongnam will be able to beat the opponents by four points or more.

However, as for Suwon, the goal is to take second place from Gyeongnam. As of yet, the flow of the home team Gyeongnam is good. The team is undefeated with three wins and a draw in four league games after World Cup rest.

The competitors altered their opinions amid the break amid the exchange. The assault had a considerable measure of different alternatives other than the diversion, and the resistance was solid enough to score four back to back recreations without scoring.

Gyeongnam and Suwon to fight for second place The difference between Gyeongnam and Suwon

In the last 18 rounds,  Gyeongnam’s  Kim Jong-boo, a newcomer in the second half, helped the team win a 1-0 victory. Kim Jong-boo caught the team’s direction, tactics, and player skills. Gyeongnam, which has scored 10 points in the last four games, rose vertically from 5th to 2nd.

Suwon has experienced 2 wins and 2 loss in the last four games. They won against Jeonnam and Incheon but lost to Jeju and Jeonbuk. That’s why the defensive mistakes came out at every crucial moment that missed the chances of chasing.

The stability is undoubtedly better in Kyungnam. However, we cannot ignore Suwon’s experience. In fact, Gyeongnam proved to be a helpless pitcher in the first half of the Suwon expedition. They even lost with a score of 1-3.

The physical condition of players from both teams in the 5th game will be crucial in the game.  Gyeongnam has 12 goals in the league, second place rankings. It will therefore be interesting whether Gyeongnam will further rank higher. However, we shouldn’t also be surprised if Suwon eventually succeeds in beating the opponent.

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