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Moon Seon-min is back in Incheon but he can’t pull the team from the bottom. Incheon United’s vulnerable defenses were punctured this time to Incheon suffered a 0-3 defeat in the 2018 K-League 1 17th round. The team played against Gyeongnam FC on May 14 at Changwon Football Center.

They played a 0-0 tie in the first half, but they did not stop the limited scorer in Gyeongnam that was replaced in the second half. The team did not get out of the bottom. In Incheon, Moon Seon Min missed the Gangwon FC match  due to a hamstring injury.

Moon Seon-min’s injury

Incheon defensive against Moon Seon-Min He previously played two goals in the match against Jeonbuk Hyundai on July 7.

Due to the injury, he had to be replaced during the game. Although it was not a light injury, Gyeongnam proved to have a strong presence before.

Incheon’s coach, Andersen believed in Moon Seon Min and boldly utilized him. Moon was playing full-time while he was not fully up. But Incheon’s defense was not as effective despite having Moon in the game.

He also scored three goals this time. Moon also scored three goals in three games since the World Cup. Both Jeonbuk and Gangwon have scored their ankle with a 2-goal scorer. It was a completely different team color than last year.

Incheon showed off a solid defense last season, but the attack did not last long. However, this season, the attacking power of Mugosa and Aguilar is showing a comparative trend. Indeed, Incheon is fourth in the league in scoring this season.

However, the defense was not good enough to put a lot of weight on the attack. Incheon has not been able to achieve synergistic effects with increased attack power, giving the opponent 35 goals in the league this season.

Andersen was the first to care for the team since he joined Incheon in June. Incheon is facing a difficult situation at the moment.

They are set to meet Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul. At this point, which is currently at the bottom, the situation can become more difficult if there is no improvement in defense.

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