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Incheon United fans had to see their favorite team face defeat. The group is authoritatively at the base of the class with a 0-7 defeat. It was a match against Gangwon FC in the 24th round of the 2018 K League.

The diversion was held at Chuncheon Songam Sports Main Stadium on July 19 at 7 pm. The group’s mentor, Jorn Andersen was particularly baffled with the outcome. He came to Chuncheon with the desire that it was inevitable to go up. It is on account of he didn’t lead the initial couple of recreations in the alliance.

Plot twist for Incheon United fans

Incheon United fans sees team's defeat against Gangwon FC Bunoza, Kim Dae-joong and Kang Ji-yong made the protective line. Left wingback Kim Yong-hwan and right wingback Jung Won Yoon neglected to help the protectors by any stretch of the imagination. This gave Gangwon FC home fans a devour for kicking the warmth.

Only two minutes after the beginning of the diversion, the left wingback Kim Yong Hwan took the ball and altered the course coercively. From that point, Diego got the ball and made a free-kick opportunity, and Gangwon FC’s master golfer Uroš Đerić reported the beginning of a triumph.

The side safeguard of Incheon United uncovered another gap in eight minutes. Incheon United safeguard Kang Ji-yong permitted a leap forward when Gangwon FC defeated Diego. Goalkeeper Lee Jin-hyung missed the ball by passing the ball to his correct post as he got the wrong edge.

Incheon United’s protective line with a gap was bowed again in 12 minutes. As Kangwon FC assaulted on the correct side, Incheon United safeguards demonstrated Park Chang Joon and Jung Seok Hwa with a reasonable pass. Lee Jin-hyung slammed the ball right off the bat in the second half when midfielder Hwang Jin-sung softly poured in the ball.

A score of 3-0 was made precisely 12 minutes 21 seconds. Incheon United’s mentor Andersen sent a midfielder, Aguilar, in the 27th minute, with guarded Kang Ji-yong expelled. It was a minute to uncover that the three-pack strategies were a total disappointment.

Be that as it may, Incheon United is looking too gently for Gangwon. Gangwon utilized this further bolstering their good fortune to guarantee a 0-7 win. The level distinction comparing to the undermining component of the rival’s assault is so self-evident. The most recent defeat has surely dropped Incheon’s odds of ascending to the highest point of the rankings.

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