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The first week of the NFL preseason is over and betting picks experts have a lot to say about it.  This is because for gamblers, watching the preseason is important to determine how teams will perform in the future. Thus, we bring you our 2019 NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Recap and how teams will do in the future.

Keep in mind that our NFL betting analysis is in the early stages since we are still in the preseason.  Therefore, this is just a warning as the first full week of the NFL preseason can be detrimental to football betting fans.  This is especially true if they tend to make early assumptions on how the rest of the season will go.

Top NFL Team Preseason Betting Analysis

2019 NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Analysis RecapLet’s start with the Miami Dolphins who are often a favorite to bet on despite their record.  After watching their match against Atlanta, we feel that Josh Rosen may not have be a good match with Miami. This is because no one on Miami’s instructing staff shows up excessively positive about Rosen’s potential.

His current stats are 13 of 20 goes for 191 yards, no touchdowns, and one capture attempt.  However, the fundamental takeaway from Rosen’s tape in Miami’s 34-27 prevail upon the Falcons was that he had next to no opportunity to do quite a bit of anything behind a hostile line that wouldn’t pass assemble in the PAC-12.

After the game, head mentor Brian Flores said that Rosen took an excessive number of risks. However, according to those looking to open a bookie website, it’s difficult to tell what else he can.

Next, let’s take a look at the Washington Redskins.  In all honesty, the Redskins do not have very good sports betting odds to make it to the playoffs. This is because Dwayne Haskins still needs a lot of work to become a top NFL quarterback.

NFL betting experts believe that this is because his progress from the NCAA to the NFL is still a serious factor. According to sports news websites, he has made a lot of progress in his ability to throw on the ru.  However, he still needs a lot of improvement in other areas as shown during the 30-10 loss against the Browns.

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