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NFL Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in North America. In fact, over 45 million American betting on it every year with around $240 billion in legal and illegal bets. Of course, a good portion of these NFL bets are made outside of the U.S. including South Korea. Thus, here is out NFL Betting Tutorial to Improve your NFL Betting Strategies for higher profits.

However, while its popularity is growing, not many people are able to profit from it. Whether they are American gamblers or from another country, profiting from online sports betting is tough. This is because bettors must win over 52.4% of their bets to make money on -110 betting odds. That is fact that hold true not only for football betting but any other sport.

Needless to say, a sports gambling strategy is a must in order to make a profit.

NFL Betting Strategies to Increase your Profits

NFL Betting Strategies to Increase your ProfitsNow that we are in Week 6 of the NFL season, we have a good understanding of each NFL Teams. However, that is still not enough to make a profit from NFL betting unless you are very good and lucky. Hence, here are some proven NFL Betting tips and strategies to bring increase your odds of winnings.

Diversifying your Bets – According to online football betting experts, diversifying your bets can maximize your win rate.  However, you will need to have enough knowledge about the different types of bets. Basically, you want to look at Money Line, Point Spread and Totals bets and find advantageous odds. For example, most sportsbook have a -2.5 spread. While they have lower payouts, the risk of losing the bet is smaller.

Injury Reports – Football is a team game which means a small change in the roster can make a big difference. However, finding good information can be tough since NFL teams try not to be too specific in their injury reports. This is because they do not want to give out too much information to their opponents. Therefore, we suggest looking at NFL reports and see which players are missing their training sessions. Afterwards, see what position they play and how it can affect the outcome of the game.

Home Advantage and Time Zones – On average, the home team wins 59.8% of the time which helps to set the sports betting odds. However, bettors need to go beyond because that percentage is part of the odds making equation set by the sportsbook. A good strategy is to look at time zones and how far the visiting team will have to travel. The longer the travel time the more fatigue they will be during game time and is worth a few points.

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