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Week 1 of the NFL preseason will start on Thursday, August 4. We will get the usual four weeks of preseason action this year. Thus, there are many opportunities to bet on football. Here’s a guide to help you find value when you bet on the NFL preseason.

Many people ignore the preseason as they wait for the start of the regular season. Although preseason games don’t count for losses or wins, they play a vital part for players who are looking to secure a spot on teams’ rosters.

Guide to NFL Preseason Betting

Tips to Profit during NFL PreseasonThere are ways to ensure you profit from preseason betting. The first one is to do proper research. It can provide you with an advantage during the preseason. Also, bettors and bookies have the same access to information on how teams prepare.

Coaches don’t worry about winning or losing during the preseason. Thus, they share more information about plays they will run, players they will use, and formations to employ during crucial game moments. Therefore, there are no surprises in the lineups and plays.

Another thing to consider is that not every game is worth wagering. Although bookies lack information about betting odds, players are at the same spot too. Thus, there are some instances when games aren’t worth betting on due to the lack of value.

When you find one that’s worth playing, do it. For example, if one team plans to play its starters during the first half and the other team will not field its starters at all, then wager on the first half line on the former. On the other hand, if both teams are playing their starters in the first half and the bookie priced it as a pick ‘em, we suggest picking the better team.

Lastly, we recommend not betting overs. Although wins and losses don’t matter during the preseason, the scores are relatively lower than during the regular season.

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