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The 2020 K League regular season will soon be coming to an end for Korean football betting fans. However, it does not mean that the action is over as we could not ask for a more exciting season. This is because the Ulsan Hyundai lost their chance to strengthen their first-place position after tying with Daegu FC. Therefore, the big question remains, Can Ulsan Hyundai keep their First Place Ranking in the K League regular season?

According to Ulsan Hyundai Betting experts, Ulsan only has a 5-points lead over Jeonbuk Hyunday Motors. While they are still in the lead, their next match is against Jeonbuk. Thus, the results of this match will be a big factor in the future of the leadership position.

Can Ulsan Hyundai Keep Their First Place Ranking in the K League?

Can Ulsan Hyundai Keep Their First Place Ranking?Fans will soon find out whether Jeonbu Hyundai has what it takes to be the top team on the leaderboard. This is because on Tuesday, Ulsan Hyundai will take on their only rival this season, the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. The match will take place at 7 PM at the Jeonbuk World Cup Stadium giving Jeobuk the home team advantage.

According to football betting forums, fans are eagerly awaiting this matchup. This is because this is a crucial match that could have two outcomes.  It could lock in the first-place position for Ulsan or it could give Jeonbuk a chance to get that position. Therefore, we expect to see a lot of action during this match.

However, some football analyst believe it will be a slow game.  This is because this game is crucial and both teams have the talent to keep each other in check.

For the first time this season, Jeonbuk has been winless in their last three matches with a draw and two losses.

On the other hand, in their last match, Ulsan lost the opportunity for a win. This is because after starting with an early 1- point lead they ended the game with a draw. Sportsbook Software providers currently have Jeonbuk as the favorite to win at +139.

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