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We at aim to provide our readers with reliable and updated information on all of the major sports. Read our other sports news section to find out the latest on your favorite athletes and their teams in sports like golf, tennis, skating, hockey, among others.

Not only that, but we will also be giving you the latest news on our Korean teams and athletes that compete in various regional and international leagues- from the Asian Games, to the Olympics, we at have you covered.

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How to Bet on College Football

College Football is a popular league to bet on the U.S. because there are many games to bet on. In addition, the holiday season is an exciting time for college football fans because of the college football bowls. College Football Bowls are postseason games where only...

Abusive Curling Coaches Receive Lifetime Ban

Almost a year ago, the South Korean sports world had another case of abuse.  This time, the abuse came from the Women’s curling team ranging from abusing athletes to embezzling money. However, it took a very long time for the Korean Curling Federation (KFC) to make an...

Roger Federer’s Injury Causing to Miss the Rest of 2020 Season

Roger Federer's injury is causing him to miss the rest of the 2020 season. Recently, an announcement of Federer not returning to play tennis. It is after undergoing further surgery on his right knee according to sports news website sources. The 20-time grand slam...

VOBET 스포츠 북

VOBET Sportsbook Partnering with Hamburger SV

VOBET Sportsbook Partnering with Hamburger SV

The German soccer league, Hamburger SV, is expanding its list of sponsors with the addition of the VOBET Sportsbook. The VOBET Sportsbook Partnering with Hamburger SV is a momentous event for both VOBET and Hamburger SV.  This is because it is the first time an Asian...