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South Korea is projected to catch nine gold awards to complete tenth generally at the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics, a U.S. sports information investigation firm said Thursday.

The most recent adaptation of the Virtual Medal Table by Gracenote, refreshed Wednesday with the commencement to the Tokyo Games arriving at 100 days, additionally extended South Korea to add 10 silver and six bronze decorations.

Gracenote, which refreshes its decoration projections in the leadup to the Olympic Games, didn’t offer a game by-sport breakdown.

In its past release in February a year ago, before the Tokyo Olympics got deferred because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gracenote had said South Korea would win nine gold, 11 silver and eight bronze awards. In those days, Gracenote had extended gold awards from men’s football, ladies’ golf, ladies’ individual and group and blended group bows and arrows occasions, taekwondo and fencing.

Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo

South Korea Estimates to Win 9 Olympic Gold Medal in TokyoThe Korean Sport and Olympic Committee’s expressed objective is to snatch in any event seven gold awards, which it feels will be sufficient to guarantee a fifth-continuous top-10 completion at the Summer Olympics.

The KSOC is relying on two gold awards each from toxophilism and taekwondo, two of its greatest goldmines at Olympics, according to people betting on the Korean baseball team.

It is additionally expecting one gold award each from ladies’ golf, fencing, shooting.

Gracenote anticipated the United States will top the decoration race with 43 gold and 114 awards generally speaking.

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