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The Korean women’s short-track team once again proved its dominance. They won the gold medal in the 3,000-meter relay race at Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangwon on Tuesday.

The women’s team finished the race with a time of 4 minutes and 07.361 seconds, 8.54 seconds ahead of Italy.  As both Canada and China got disqualified, the Netherlands, which competed in the Final B, ended up taking bronze.

Though Korea finished first, quite some time was needed while the referees reviewed Kim A-lang’s fall.  During the wipeout, Korea seemed to have interfered with Canada and China.  Since the referees have been a lot stricter regarding physical contact, the countries patiently waited in anticipation of the final result. 

The Women’s Short-track Team: Out for More Medals

With this victory, Korea’s women’s team continues its dominance in the skating event, winning its sixth gold medal since the 1994 Winter Games, when it first competed in the 3,000-meter relay race.  The women’s team has won gold in all the Games except the 1992 Albertville Games, where they did not compete, and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. 

Prior to the relay, three members on the team — Shim, Choi and Kim — each finished first in their 1,000-meter heats.  The Korean men’s short-track team cruised through the 500-meter heats, finishing first.

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